Which would you choose,
Food or Medicine?

Every day, far too many of our uninsured and low income NC neighbors are making the choice between buying groceries or purchasing critical medication.  NC MedAssist believes that no one should have to choose, and here is how you can help:

Raise $200 to supply a NC MedAssist patient with medication for an entire year.  The impact on their health means fewer trips to the emergency room or hospital that results in bills our uninsured patients cannot pay.  Patients with diabetes, heart and mental health diseases, can be maintained on medications from NC MedAssist, and have the ability to have both food and medicine.   

Also, every new or increased gift you make now through May 31st, will be matched 100% by The Leon Levine Foundation.

 Why support NC MedAssist? 

  • NC MedAssist is a statewide free pharmacy, dedicated and uniquely designed to serve the entire state of North Carolina’s uninsured and low-income residents.  This program is mail order and works with the chronically ill and working poor families during when they need us the most.   
  • For every dollar donated, NC MedAssist is able to provide $15 in medication to those in need—resulting last year in a health care cost savings of $44 million dollars.  This means that those individuals had less visits to the emergency room and additional treatments were avoided because they were able to treat their illness with consistent medication and in the lowest cost setting- their home.
  • Recently, thirteen medications like Crestor™ (cholesterol control) and Seroquel XR(mental health) were removed from the NC MedAssist formulary after one of our pharmaceutical partners ended their bulk replenishment program.  This means that these medicines are no longer available to NC MedAssist patients.  In an effort to continue serving the more than 5000 patients affected, NC MedAssist needs to raise additional funds to support this unexpected budget strain.  You can help do this by starting a fundraising page today. 
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NC MedAssist is committed to helping all those who qualify for assistance, but we cannot do it without the help of supporters like you.
Start a fundraising page and help a patient today.  To view just some of the patients impacted by supporters like you, click HERE.

If you have questions about NC MedAssist or are interested in getting involved in other ways, please visit www.medassist.org or contact Misty Moore, Sr. Development Director at mmoore@medassist.org or 704-350-3597.